Who invented the PCR Test?

The PCR Test was invented long before the COVID-19 Pandemic. PCR is an acronym for Polymerase Chain Reaction.

Kary Mullis first demonstrated the PCR Test in 1983.

10 years later the American Biochemist was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in recognition of his invention.

Kary Mullis

The PCR Test was hailed as “highly original and significant, virtually dividing biology into two epochs, before PCR and after PCR.” (The New York Times).

It went on to have many applications in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

The PCR Test that is widely in use today works by multiplying or amplifying a sample to a detectable volume.

After more than a year in use to detect the Covid-19 virus it has proven its efficacy as the most reliable test.

Other tests, however, such as the rapid flow test are employed by some companies and also some countries for travel.

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