Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a fit to fly certificate because of Covid-19?

Your certificate will declare you fit and well without symptoms, and able to travel. The pandemic has caused many airlines to request proof of good health, so as to limit the spread of Covid-19 globally.

Where will I get my fit to fly certificate?

Your certificate will be delivered by email.

Time window?

The time windows are usually outlined by your airline. For example, a 72-hour window means that your swab test will need to be carried out within 72 hours of your flight.

Which conditions do not allow me to fly?

If the result of your test is positive, you may not be able to fly.

If the result of your test is inconclusive, you may need to book another test and change your travel plans accordingly.

Can I rebook a test if my results are unclear or inconclusive?

You can rebook a test simply by buying another kit. Please be aware of the time constraints and check with your airline before buying another kit.